Centre for Climate
Change & Sustainable

A non-profit organization that conducts research and advocates for climate change and sustainable development.

We are harnessing the power of dialogue to pioneer transformative change and climate compatible development in Africa.

The Centre for Climate Change and Sustainable Development (3CSD) is a research-led and advocacy-driven non-profit organisation with a keen interest in stimulating dialogue and leading impactful engagement on climate change and sustainable development. Amongst other engagements necessary for sustainable and climate-compatible development, 3CSD is also involved in interrogating the connections between climate change and related issues such as economic justice and climate action, gender and climate, climate finance, and climate justice.




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Creating a Resource Hub for
Africans to Take Action.

We aim to help Africa overcome the challenges it faces and seize the global opportunities that lie ahead through our identified priorities which are:

We engage in high impact research that supports effective intervention by feeding into the design of effective solutions through advocacy and community engagement. We will strive to conduct research in emerging themes related to climate change resilience, adaptation, and mitigation.

Because we understand that policy is the driving mechanism for true transformation, we constantly position ourselves to engage in national and regional-level advocacy on climate change, the environment, and sustainable development goals related to the policies of the African Union (AU) through its peer review process, as well as other AU mechanisms for advocacy and engagement.

We will engage in strategic litigation for climate justice, using litigation as a tactic for community mobilisation and engagement, advocacy, and justice, etc. We will specifically engage in strategic litigation to support broad and sustained social mobilisation and advocacy that aim to culminate in a positive policy response.

We participate in critical reflections on the intersections between gender and climate, and how these fit within the African context. This helps us to identify and challenge norms and stereotypes that sometimes are embodied in responses to climate change, including measures to increase access to climate finance, climate smart agriculture, climate resilience, etc. We also offer support and strengthen the capacity of women to effectively engage with, and lead processes for sustainable transformations.

Impactful engagement has been the leading contributor to lasting change. To this end, through partnership and collaboration, we aim to support climate change capacity building, education, and awareness. We will support the development of community-based programs for climate education and foster social partnerships. We will specifically encourage and/or initiate projects that support innovative, meaningful, and sustainable government policies and programs at municipal levels that enhance green spaces, waste management and recycling, energy efficiency, and other critical efforts.

Our partnerships are crucial in achieving our mission of creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

Our partnerships are crucial in achieving
our mission of creating a sustainable future
for generations to come.