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Future for Africa.

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Harnessing the power of dialogue to pioneer transformative change and climate compatible development in Africa.

To mitigate the effects of climate change by promoting sustainable development practices to ensure a thriving future for Africa.
To pioneer transformative change and climate-compatible development across Africa by fostering collaborations and empowering communities through advocacy and capacity-building initiatives.

Gender and Climate as well as Strategic Litigation are our priorities. We consider the legal, social and economic dimensions of climate change.

We focus on practical solutions and impactful results.

We build partnerships and empower communities to be agents of change.

We inform our work with sound research and data.

We promote long-term solutions that address the needs of present and future generations.

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Participation in advocating for climate action and promoting sustainable development.

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At Centre for Climate Change and Sustainable Development (3CSD), we are committed to promoting sustainable development and mitigating climate change through partnerships and collaborations.


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Our partnerships are crucial in achieving our mission of creating a sustainable future for generations to come. We work with a diverse range of partners, including NGOs, cademic institutions, government sectors, and private organizations. By working together, we can create a more resilient and sustainable world for all.