John van Mossel

Member, Board of Directors

John is an experienced evaluation consultant and climate change adaptation specialist, based in Ottawa, Canada. His experience over 40 years has focused on development and environment programs in 30+ countries, including a 21-year focus on climate change adaptation, working both independently and with consulting firms, following 20 years of program delivery experience for Canadian NGOs mainly in Africa, specifically in southern and west Africa.

John’s experience includes lead evaluator or senior evaluation team member for 30 evaluations, mainly since 2012, including mid-term and final evaluations, national program and project evaluations, and strategic assessments, many with a focus on climate change adaptation, as well as the preparation and updating of a national index-based evaluation framework on climate vulnerability.

John has also been the lead consultant or senior team member for 24 consultancies supporting climate change adaptation projects since 2001, including project manager of three multi-year results-based adaptation projects, plus work on policy development, the preparation of strategic plans and projects, and national and sub-national adaptation capacity building initiatives. 

John has worked in 20 countries in Africa, eight countries in the Caribbean and six countries in Asia.