Ending Sexual Violence in West Africa (Nigeria)

In 2022, Dr Oluwatoyin Adejonwo, authored a report on sexual and gender-based violence in West Africa titled ‘Ending Sexual Violence in West Africa (Nigeria)’ and funded by African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) (2022).

The report identifies the following three underlying issues that shape the prevalence of and responses to sexual violence in Nigeria: lack of a clear definition of sexual violence in the various legislations; lack of a comprehensive coverage of all classes and statuses of women in a way that meaningfully disaggregates the category of “woman” to include and cater to the needs of all women, regardless of physical, social, cultural or other qualifications and indicators; and the interplay between reporting and response to effectively tackle sexual violence. These issues drive the main inquiry of this report about how to end sexual violence in Nigeria.

Use the link below to download a copy of the report.

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